History of NTTPS

1.Dr,Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (Dr.NTTPS) Stage-I (420 MW) comprising Units 1 & 2 of 210 MW each was established with a total project cost of Rs.193 Crores. The first Unit was commissioned on 01.11.1979 while the second Unit was commissioned on 10.10.1980. Stage-II (420 MW) comprising of Units 3 & 4 of 210 MW each was established with an estimated cost of Rs.511.35 Crores (Expenditure up to 31.03.2007 was Rs.507.07 Crores). The third and fourth Units were commissioned on 05.10.1989 and 23.08.1990 respectively. Stage-III (420 MW) comprising Units 5 & 6 of 210 MW each has been established with an estimated cost of Rs.840 Crores (Expenditure up to 31.03.2007 was Rs.837.82 Crores). The fifth and sixth Units were commissioned on 31.03.1994 and 24.02.1995 respectively.The Seventh Unit of 1x500MW was commissioned on 06.04.2009.

2.The Station is achieving continuously sterling performance every year. It stood First in the Country during 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 and 2001-02 by achieving the highest Plant Load Factor

3.The Station has been the recipient of many prestigious Awards from various organisations including Meritorious Awards instituted by the Government of India. The Station has received Meritorious Productivity Award for twenty one consecutive years and also got the Incentive Award for twelve consecutive years. The Station has bagged Gold Medal for 2003-04, 10th time in a row since 1994-95.

4.Vijayawada TPS has been rated as one of the best performing thermal power station in the country in public sector for the year 2005-06 by CEA for its all round performance in the operational parameters and received Bronze medal from Hon'ble Prime Minister on 21.03.2007.

5. Augmentation of ESPs at Stage-I (13 activities) has been taken up under APDP with the financial assistance from GOI & PFC and completed at a cost of Rs.22.30 Crores. Another 23 R&M activities are taken up (16 activities for Stage I) under APDP with the financial assistance from PFC (50% of Project Cost) and completed at a cost of Rs.33.90 Crores.

6. In the areas not covered under earlier R&M works, 13 R&M activities are taken up under AG&SP Scheme at an estimated cost of Rs.71.50 Crores with the financial assistance from PFC. Expenditure up to 31.03.2008 was Rs.48.48 Crores.

Stage / Stations Units Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning
Stage I----------Unit 1--210--------------01-11-1979
Stage I----------Unit 2--210--------------10-10-1980
Stage II---------Unit 3--210--------------05-10-1989
Stage II---------Unit 4--210--------------23-08-1990
Stage III--------Unit 5--210--------------31-03-1994
Stage III--------Unit 6--210--------------24-02-1995
Stage IV---------Unit 7--500--------------06-04-2009

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